Everyone interested in this beautiful language and the culture of Spain and Latin-America are very welcome to visit us. We are located in the heart of Tondi in a charming 18th century summer manor house which makes visiting us especially enjoyable. Before and after the events you can check the wide selection in our bookshop and Spanish food shop where you can find a great selection of Spanish, French and Italian study materials, literature in Spanish and Estonian, cookbooks and much more.

In case you haven’t visited us yet then it’s very easy to reach us – we are only a few steps from the Tondi tram and bus stop and in our back yard parking is completely free!

Talk with the Ambassador of Spain: "Estonia and Spain: story of the transformation of two countries" | Free | Tuesday, 30th of May at 19.15

On the 30th of May, The Ambassador of Spain in Estonia, Guillermo Corral van Damme, will present contemporary Spain and its successful transformation story. In recent decades Spain has had to overcome both as a country and as a society the complex 20th century and consolidate itself as an advanced democracy with a prosperous economy as well as an open and tolerant welfare society that is a pioneer in many areas in the defense of rights and freedom.

It seems impossible not to see in this success story of transformation a parallel with the history of contemporary Estonia in the last three decades. Spain and Estonia, partners and allies, located at opposite ends of the European continent, share, in addition to principles and values, these stories of transformation.

Event will be held in English. Free admission but prior registration required.

Before and after the event you can have a look at our Spanish food and book shop, get information about courses in Hispaania Maja and in our partner schools in Spain. We will also offer very good Spanish wines and other drinks. Parking is free in the back yard.

OPEN DOOR DAYS | Free | 15-16 June from 10-18

Come and discover the rich world of Spanish!

Spain is a fascinating country with so much to discover! Imagine the culture and the encounters that unfold in front of you, if only you could understand their language! And Latin America? Wow! So rich in color and exciting! Spanish is spoken as a native language by nearly 500 million people on four continents. Would you like to be able to communicate with them?

On June 15 and 16, we will open our doors to you, and you will be able to take part in free trial lessons, test your language level, get to know more about our wonderful home, teachers and learning opportunities both in Hispaania Maja and in our partner schools in Spain. And, of course, discover new Spanish taste flavours and educational materials in our shop.

We use communicative method in our classes which means it does not matter what your mother tongue is because from the very first class our teachers from Spain and Latin America will teach in Spanish. 

P.S. On open door days, all products in the store are 5% off! Sign up for trial classes and level tests below.