Have you ever dreamt of speaking Spanish? What would be the best method to master the language? Is grammar tedious and meant for those who love memorizing long tables or is it a tool to a better understanding and fluency? Are games meant only for children or can they also be an efficient and fun way for adults to acquire new skills and knowledge?


With a trial lesson you can see what language learning is like in Hispaania Maja. You will be taken on a journey to a universe of Spanish, leaving everything else outside the classroom. Whether a beginner or a more advanced Spanish learner, you can see first-hand that learning Spanish in Spanish is possible and what our teaching methods are like.


The trial lesson is free of charge and lasts for 60 minutes. Bring a friend and enjoy Spanish!
In Hispaania Maja the ☀ is always shining! Join our friendly school and start discovering the world of Spanish.

Looking forward to seeing you!

NB! Registration is open for new courses, check out our course timetable here!