Spanish language courses at Hispaania Maja are intended for anyone who wants to do more than just learn Spanish. Who, in addition to learning grammar rules and vocabulary, wants to get an idea of ​​the genuine soul and passion of the Spanish language. Not only to get to speak this beautiful language, but to experience it through all that Spanish culture has to offer.

We have 12 years of experience in teaching Spanish in Estonia and we are constantly upgrading ourselves to offer a learning experience that is as rich as the language we teach. In addition to language courses for all levels, we have the largest bookstore dedicated to the Spanish language in Estonia, which is also complemented by a gourmet corner full of authentic Spanish flavors.

Everyone is welcome to join us, it doesn’t matter whether you have already learned Spanish before, have learned it “spontaneously” or per

When planning the courses, we always try to consider the wishes of the students. In case of interest or additional questions, you can always contact us: või helista: +372 55626496. Hispaania Maja is a cooperation partner of the training card of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund