spanish courses for kids

Learn Spanish with real emotions!

There are many reasons to learn Spanish, and giving the opportunity to start learning at a young age, when the brain is particularly receptive to new information, is one of the best gifts for a child’s future. Learning a new foreign language increases a child’s self-confidence, social skills and trains the brain to use creative thinking to solve problems. The ability to communicate with more than 500 million people in Spain and Latin America in their mother tongue opens the door to a whole new cultural space, not to mention expanded learning and career opportunities. Sounds like superpower, doesn’t it?

Hispaania Maja courses for children and teenagers focus on communication and practical language skills. Classes are conducted by our experienced native Spanish-speaking teachers. We place special emphasis on students starting to speak in the first hours, through various games and creative activities. To make the process enjoyable and inspiring and bring results!

The autumn semester for children and teenagers begins on September 13 and ends on December 18th 2021.

NB! There will be no lessons during the autumn school holidays 25.10-31.10!

Age Group Children (ages 7-11)
Level Beginners and Advanced
Time Saturdays 11:00-12:15
Course Length 13 weeks (classes once a week)
Course Cost 219€
Study Materials Lola y Leo (textbook and workbook)
Age GroupTeenagers (ages 12-15)
TimeTue and Thu 16:30-17:30
Course Length13 weeks (26 classes)
Course Cost€346 (discount price for one payment) or €94/month
Study MaterialsGente Joven or Reporteros Internacionales (textbook and workbook)
Age GroupTeenagers (Advanced)
TimeMondays, 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Course DatesSeptember 13 to December 13
Course Length13 weeks (class once a week)
Course Cost€169
Study MaterialsGente Joven or Reporteros Internacionales (textbook and workbook)
ContactIf you have questions about the group’s suitability, please call us at 55626496 or write to


We offer Spanish language learning for children and teenagers both in the form of private lessons and in groups. Studying in a private lesson significantly increases the speed of language acquisition and is more flexible for the participant in terms of both time and topics. We design the program according to the level and interests of the students, taking into account the wishes about the time and duration of the lessons. Private lessons can be taken alone (1:1) or in pairs (2:1). We welcome students aged 7-15 for the classes.

Price of one private lesson with one student (1:1)

48 EUR / 60 minutes

Price of one private lesson with two students (2:1)

64 EUR / 60 minutes